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Shipping Plus Rate Avantage

Our Shipping Plus Rate Advantage program is simply a common sense concept and a little extra effort on our part.

If you order 2 cases of thermal paper from most other companies they will simply slap a label on each box and ship them out to you. Pro Source Paper, however, will take the 2 boxes and put them in one larger box*. This reduces the overall freight costs by as much as 30%. UPS now only has to ship 1 package versus 2. Want even more savings? Add a box of ribbons to your 2 case order and pay pennies for the extra freight! Again, we simply add the ribbons in with the 2 cases of paper and Pro Source Paper will now ship 1 package to you, rather than 3 separate ones. A little extra time and effort by us saves you significantly in freight costs. Again, if we can put your printer ribbons or printer cartridges in with another box of receipt paper, you pay next to nothing for the additional freight costs! Save even more money when placing an order that is heavier than 200 lbs. This is because UPS offers a discount for shipments over this weight. So remember, when you're ordering thermal paper, printer ribbons, printer cartridges or crayons, take advantage of our Shipping Advantage Program and save even more money!

*Some restrictions apply. We do not exceed UPS guidelines for oversized packages. Some cases of paper will not fit in a larger box.


We want to give you the best shipping rate! If your order's weight is 500lbs or over. Please call 877-387-2737 to get a freight rate. We want to provide you with the most current and best available shipping rates!