Trash Can Liners

A necessity in any business, we carry the most popular sizes and styles of commercial trash can liners!

Choose from 33-gallon, 45-gallon, and 55-gallon high-density, 13-14 micron garbage bags. These trash can liners are best suited to collect trash without irregular or sharp edges, making them the perfect wholesale garbage bags for office and restroom use. Coreless rolls make these trash can liners easy to store, and their chemical resistance and odor containment qualities will keep your trash out of sight and out of mind. A leak-proof star seal on the bottom of the garbage bags and no side seals lessens the likelihood of spills or leaks when removing and replacing full trash can liners.

For tough, heavy-duty jobs, our 60-gallon low-density trash can liner is one tough bag! Low density garbage bags are thicker and more stretchable than high density trash can liners, making them suitable for wet, heavy trash with sharp or irregular edges. These opaque black garbage bags hide unsightly trash and because they are stretchable, waterproof, and have a reinforced gusseted bottom seal, you can be sure the waste will stay contained.

Purchase your wholesale garbage bags online from Pro Source Paper today and contain the waste with confidence.

33 Gallon Trash Liner
As low as $47.85

45 Gallon Trash Can Liner

56 Gallon Trash Can Liner