Thermal Paper

Thermal paper rolls have quickly become the leading form of receipt in the point-of-sale industry. Every sector is now using some form of thermal roll paper, from convenience stores to restaurants, to ATMs, banks, and laboratories. The new technology in thermal paper rolls has enabled faster, quieter printing with expanded graphic capabilities, as well.

The advantages go well beyond the speed and abilities of the printers, however. The new printers are typically “plug-and-play” components, which makes maintaining and repairing a thermal paper receipt printer easier than ever.

With the emergence of colored thermal paper rolls, now an industry standard, your thermal roll printer becomes a powerful tool for building brand visibility and image recognition for your business.

Security options, such as white imprinting, are also available on thermal roll paper receipts. Although the thermal rolls are more expensive than bond or carbonless paper, you'll more than make up the purchase price since you'll no longer be purchasing printer ribbons for your receipt printer or fax machine.

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2 1/4" X 220ft Thermal paper
As low as $40.00

2 1/4" X 70ft Thermal paper
As low as $19.50

2 1/4" X 80ft Thermal paper
As low as $18.50

3 1/8" X 230 ft Thermal paper
As low as $46.95

3 1/8" X 273FT THERMAL
As low as $54.95

44mm X 200ft Thermal paper

2 5/16" X 200ft Thermal paper
As low as $21.50

2 5/16" X 435ft Thermal paper
As low as $22.50

2 5/16" X 183ft Thermal paper w/ 1.5" core

2 7/16" X 240ft Thermal paper

3 1/8" X 95ft Thermal paper
As low as $24.50

3 1/8 X 145ft Thermal paper

4 9/32" X 95 ft Thermal Paper

4 9/32" X 135ft Thermal paper

4 3/8" X 65ft Thermal paper

4 3/8" X 328ft Thermal paper

2 3/8" X 95ft Thermal paper

3" X 240ft Thermal paper