Crayons packed in 4
Crayons - 4 pack

Premium crayons packaged 4 colors in a bag with 2000 crayons/box (500 bags/box)

These are high quality crayons - not cheap, waxy crayons.

Our cello wrap is easy to open and re-use.

These crayons are tested and approved in the US!

Buy a quality crayon from us, see and feel the difference and make everyone happy!

Cheap crayons that break easy or are more wax than crayon often cause more problems than simply not offering crayons.  Everybody has experience at one point a unsettled youngster who has nothing to do or occupy his/her time.  Quality, inexpensive crayons from Pro Source Paper are the fastest and cheapest way to make sure that both the children and their parents are happy at the dinner table, waiting room or any other location.

These come 4 crayons packed in a cellophane bag!

1 48.00 ea 2-10 46.00 ea 11-49 44.00 ea

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