Cleaning Swipes for Card Readers
Credit Card Swipe Cleaner

Magnetic card readers should be cleaned at least once weekly with a high-quality card reader cleaner. These card reader cleaning swipes are designed specifically for magnetic stripe card readers to allow regular cleaning without dismantling the drives. When used weekly, they can significantly reduce the number of card reader errors and alleviate service calls and downtime.

These magnetic card reader cleaners have cleaning tissue on both sides to clean the magnetic head and the transport mechanism simultaneously with every card swipe. Each cleaning card is pre-saturated with the ideal amount of cleaning solution and sealed in foil to remain clean until use. There's no faster way to clean your ATM and credit card readers.

Also be sure to use canned air to clean between the keys during your weekly card reader cleaning.

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  • 50 cleaning cards per box
  • Made of 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Card reader cleaning swipes remove dirt and grime that can cause magnetic card reader failure.

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