2 1/4" X 200ft Add Roll

2 1/4" X 200ft Calculator Paper with 100 rolls/cs**COMPARE FOOTAGE**

Calculator or Adding machine rolls are a staple in any industry.  Buy add rolls from Pro Source Paper and you will get premium paper at discount prices.  Be wary of purchasing a shorter roll from other companies, as a lot of place will sell you a 150 foot roll compared to our 200 feet. Not only will you have to replace the rolls 33% more often, you will also be re-ordering and paying freight 33% more often!
Our calculator paper is available in both 100 rolls/cs and a convenient 10 pack for those companies that do not use a lot of paper or have a lot of extra storage.

Staples, Office Max, Office Depot and any other office supply stores will gladly sell you a 120 foot adding machine paper roll for the same price as our 200 foot/roll - delivered.  The next time you need calculator paper or printer ribbons, give Pro Source Paper a call and see the difference in quality and in your pocket book. 

Call  1-877-387-2737

Used in:
All Calculators, C Itoh 201, 214 Citizen 2500, 2600, CBM 510, CBM 520, CBM 530, CBM 531, CBM 540, CBM 580, DP260, IDP560 Data Terminal Systems 500 Rec., 515, 520, 540, 550, 551, 560, 570 Epson TM021, TM930 ESA-ESA Leader-ERC ESA 1004 Hobart 5000TE, GT6000 Kandentsu DM1006, DM1012, DM1018, DM4200, DM4400, DM4600, KC20 Monroe 2125, 4140, 4150 National Semiconductor Seiko Printer, T2500, T2600 Nurit 2060, 525 Royal 110CX, 115CX, 130CX, 425CX, 480, 480nx, 487, Alpha 580, 587cx Sanyo ECR 235, 150, 380, SMP20 V202, Check-A-tron and many others!!

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